Gap Cover

Quite simply, GAP cover will pay the difference between today's Retail Market Value of our Car/LGV or Motorcycle and whatever value the Motor Insurer places on the vehicle should it be declared a total loss (write-off) in the future. Cover is available for 2 or 3 years.

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  • Features
  • - Covers write-offs from fire, theft, accident (fault or no faults)
  • - Cover available for Cars, Motorcycles (500cc or more) and Light Commercial Vehicles up to 3500kg
  • - Cover is available on vehicles up to 8 years old and with up to 80,000 miles at the date of policy purchase
  • - Cover is available for 2 or 3 years


  • - Maximum 'GAP' payout is £20,000
  • - Benefit will be paid based on the dealer invoice price if the vehicle is less than 6 months old at point of policy purchase.
  • Depreciation Estimate
  • Retail Market Value of vehicle
  • £14000.00
Gap Explanation

Cover your Car or Light Commercial Vehicle for up to 3 years from £175 or 2 years from £145.