Horsebox Roadside Rescue

When you travel with your horses, ensure you have the peace of mind of Anthony D Evans Horsebox & Trailer Rescue.

Breaking down is a distressing enough experience without having horses on board, that's why Anthony D Evans & Autohome Motoring Club have teamed together to offer all horsebox owners a 24 hour breakdown service operated by staff who are fully aware of the problems involved in transporting horses. Full support is given with any problems arising from the breakdown.

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  • Gold Cover                           £150.00

*  Full UK-wide Roadside Assistance
*  Two Homestart call outs within the policy year
*  Roadside repair of horsebox if this is possible at the time
*  Recovery of the horsebox separately to the horses if the vehicle cannot be repaired at the  
*  Horses will be transported on a separate vehicle to your home address or a destination of your
*  Puncture assistance at the roadside (please note, if you do not carry a spare a new tyre and       fitting will be chargeable at the roadside)
*  Will only tow your vehicle with the horses onboard if the vehicle has to be taken to a place of
   safety in order to unload
*  Claim limit of £2500 per 12 month policy
*  These prices are for Horseboxes up to a maximum of 18 tonnes. Cover is provided for 18-32        tonnes by contacting the office
*  Car and Trailer or Trailer only rescue schemes available here.

Please note: Prices quoted for Horsebox Rescue are for policies where the Horsebox is being used strictly for pleasure. Additional schemes i.e. commercial or self drive hire are available by contacting the office.

Trailer cover can also be added to any of our Roadside policies for £6, please contact the office for more information.

Full Terms and Conditions

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