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Travelling to Europe after 31st October?

Are you planning a trip to Europe after 31st October? If so there may be new regulations you need to adhere to in the case of the 'no deal' Brexit.
From the 31st October you will require a Green Card from your insurance company. This Green Card must be carried with you at all times when you travel abroad and is a physical document printed on green paper. Please advise us in plenty of time prior to your trip so we can produce a document for you and post it out. We will require the names of the people driving your vehicle, which countries you will be travelling to or through and if you will be towing a trailer or a caravan you will also need a separate Green Card for these (subject to their weight).

You will also be required to purchase an International Drivers Permit for you and for anyone who may drive your vehicle while you are away. You can purchase these from the Post Office for £5.50 and are required to provide a passport photograph. Please note, different countries require different permits, so if you are travelling though Spain and France for example you will be required to purchase the 1949 permit to drive in Spain and the 1968 permit to drive in France. More information can be found here.