Race Van Insurance

We offer a unique scheme for Vans used for transporting Motorcycles, Cars and Go Karts for pleasure purposes only, our specialist insurance offers the lowest rate for private use vehicles including:

  • Race Vans
  • Race Transporters
  • Motorcycle Transporters
  • Bike Carriers
  • Motorcycle Carriers
  • Race Trucks
  • For Campers or Vans used for hobby purposes such as transporting push bikes, kites, canoes, jet skis or showing own dogs, cats or small animals, please visit our Pleasure Van / Day Van page.
Race van insurance

Our tailor-made Race Van scheme offers limited mileage policies which take into account the Race Van is rarely used, maybe 1-2 times a week. The specialist Race Van scheme is ideal for those who partake in motocross, karting, side-car racing and many other competitive sports. 

  • Limited mileage Race Van policies
  • Any Driver over 25 option in the event a rider may not be able to drive home should an accident occur
  • Can cover drivers 21+ (for drivers under 25, please contact the office as an online quote will not be available)
  • Great rates for those without a 'no claims bonus'
  • Race Vans & Race Transporters up to 18 tonnes GVW
  • Strictly no business use, however if this is required please click here
  • Awning cover limited to £1000 and there is no personal belongings cover on this policy
  • Full UK Roadside Assistance is available
  • If the vehicle has had any after market modifications (other than those to convert it into a Race Van/Transporter) such as bespoke paintwork, remap, lowering/air ride, please telephone the office prior to proceeding.

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Roadside Rescue


Ensure you have the peace of mind of Anthony Evans Rescue for your Race Van.

Breaking down is a distressing experience, especially if you are on your way to a competition in your Race Van that's why Anthony D Evans works with specalist mechanical breakdown companies to offer all Race Van owners a 24 hour breakdown service. Full support is given with any problems arising from the breakdown.

  • Roadside Assistance and Roadside Repairs
  • Race Van or Race Transporter recovery
  • Puncture Assistance
  • Homestart

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