Temporary Cover


This facility is for Horseboxes only. Please do not try and take out a policy for any other vehicle.

We offer temporary cover on your Horsebox from 1 day - 7 days. The Horsebox must be under 7.5 tonnes, used for Social Domestic and Pleasure use only and the driver must be between 30 and 69 (inclusive). 

Please note, once the policy has commenced, this policy is non refundable. Your payment receipt is proof your vehicle is on cover. If you take out the policy over the weekend or in the evening, your documentation will follow within our office hours.

Value 1 DAY 2 DAYS 7 DAYS
up to £10,000 £50.00 £65.00 £90.00
£10,001 - £20,000 £55.00 £70.00 £95.00
£20,001 - £30,000 £60.00 £75.00 £100.00

Please do not try and take out a policy this way if:
You are under 30 years old and over 69
The vehicle is not a horsebox
The vehicle is over 7.5T
The driver has not been a UK resident or held a UK licence for 3 or more years.



Cars, Vans, Motorbikes and Motorhomes/Campers

We work with Tempcover.com to provide short term insurance from 1 to 28 days on cars, vans, motorbikes and motorhomes/campers. If you want to share a long drive, borrow a car while yours is being fixed, need a van to move house or want to use mum or dad's car whilst home from University – Tempcover can get you behind the wheel, quickly and cost effectively.

A short term or temporary insurance policy can be taken from 1 to 28 days and cover is comprehensive. We insure most people aged 17-75, even if you have penalty points on your licence or if you're learning to drive and don't yet have a full driving licence.


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