Temporary Cover


We offer temporary cover on your Horsebox from 1 day - 7 days. The Horsebox must be under 7.5 tonnes and the driver must be between 30 and 69 (inclusive).

Please note, once the policy has commenced, this policy is non refundable.

Value 1 DAY 2 DAYS 7 DAYS
up to £10,000 £50.00 £65.00 £90.00
£10,001 - £20,000 £55.00 £70.00 £95.00
£20,001 - £30,000 £60.00 £75.00 £100.00


Cars, Vans, Motorbikes and Motorhomes/Campers

We work with Tempcover.com to provide short term insurance from 1 to 28 days on cars, vans, motorbikes and motorhomes/campers. If you want to share a long drive, borrow a car while yours is being fixed, need a van to move house or want to use mum or dad's car whilst home from University – Tempcover can get you behind the wheel, quickly and cost effectively.

A short term or temporary insurance policy can be taken from 1 to 28 days and cover is comprehensive. We insure most people aged 17-75, even if you have penalty points on your licence or if you're learning to drive and don't yet have a full driving licence.


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