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Travel insurance

The benefits of our Travel insurance policies:
  • Single Trip Cover
  • Annual Travel Cover
  • Winter Sports Cover
  • Cancellations & Delays Cover
  • Baggage & Belongings Cover
  • Pre-Existing Medical Conditions
  • Personal Liability Cover
  • UK Call centres

Finding you competitive Travel Insurance quotes
Whether you’re making a last minute getaway, heading off on the annual family holiday or embarking on an exciting around-the-world adventure, travel insurance is a must. It provides protection against the risks involved in travelling abroad and ultimately ensures you aren’t left stranded and penniless if the worst should happen.

We work with a large panel of insurers and enable you to quickly and easily compare travel insurance based on your requirements. Our aim being to find you the right cover at the best price.
Travel insurance

Features and benefits of travel insurance:

When you compare and buy travel insurance via our portal, a typical policy offers the following features and benefits:

Cancellation & delays
Cancellation and delays can cause havoc, that’s where cancellation and delays cover comes in, ensuring you aren’t personally left out of pocket if your flight is cancelled or delayed, but also if your entire holiday is cancelled either by the tour operator or by you due to unforeseen circumstances.

Medical expenses
Medical expenses cover ensures that you aren’t left with a stack of medical bills if you fall ill or have an accident and subsequently require medical attention while on holiday. It covers anything from a visit to the doctors right up to hospitalisation and ongoing treatment.

Pre-existing medical conditions
Travel insurance for existing medical conditions can be hard to come by. However, at it’s something our partners specialise in. Unlike some companies, there’s no need for a medical certificate and we won’t ask you to list all of your medications.


Personal liability
Personal liability cover provides cover for expenses that you incur as a result of damage caused by you to third-party property or injury caused by you to third-parties whilst on holiday.

Baggage & belongings
Baggage and belongings cover provides protection against the risk of your suitcase and its contents being lost or damaged during transit. It also covers personal belongings, whether they are in your suitcase or not.

Terrorism cover
Terrorism cover provides financial protection against the costs that you might incur as a result of an act of terrorism. This includes, but isn’t limited to medical expenses, transport, travel home and evacuation to a safe place

Please note: Features, benefits and cover will vary by insurer. It’s therefore important to read an insurers policy booklet and terms in full before you buy travel insurance.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

What are the types of Travel Insurance?

There are many different types of travel insurance; all of which can be compared and bought. The most common are:

Single trip travel insurance
Single trip travel insurance is designed to cover you for a single trip that is up to 183 days in length.

Annual travel insurance
If you travel regularly, you could save money with an annual travel insurance policy. You’ll also need annual travel insurance if you’re embarking upon a single trip that’s longer than 183 days in length.

Worldwide travel insurance
Standard travel insurance will generally only provide cover for trips to mainstream European destinations. However, some insurers push the boundaries to include popular destinations such as Egypt and Morocco. If you plan to go further afield – Asia, America or New Zealand – for example, you should look at worldwide travel insurance.

Winter sports insurance
Winter sports insurance is specifically designed to offer protection against the risks involved in participating in high-risk winter sports such as skiing and snowboarding. In most cases, it provides cover for medical expenses, being helicoptered to safety and any specialist teams or equipment that might be needed to evacuate you if you are involved in an accident.

When should I take out travel insurance?

What people often don’t realise is the fact that travel insurance provides cover before you even begin your holiday. For example, a policy with cancellations cover gives you instant protection for financial losses resulting from your holiday being cancelled by the tour operator as well as self-cancellation due to unforeseen circumstances. Equally, where provided, terrorism cover is active beforehand, ensuring you aren’t left out of pocket if an act of terrorism results in you being unable to take your holiday.

With this in mind, it makes sense to ensure you have travel insurance in place as soon as possible, preferably as soon as you’ve received confirmation of your holiday booking. It also reduces the risk of you forgetting about it and subsequently ending up uninsured.

Why do I need travel insurance in Europe if I have the EHIC card?

With Brexit, the EHIC card may not be valid in Europe anymore, therefore holiday insurance will be required for all trips whether to Europe or further afield.